As YEM-VİT, our adventure began in 1987. Since 1987, Yem-Vit is a growing company and today one of the leading companies in feed additive sector. We make sale and production of premixes and feed additives for poultry, ruminant and aqua groups. Manufacturing plant of our company is in Izmir. Our company export with sales network from all sides of our country in 15 countries for now.Our sectorial market share has constantly grown since the date of our establishment. We improve our works constantly by following technology with allocated indefinite budget for R&D and our well-trained experts. We fulfill our producing mentality in global standarts by products which provided in global standarts determine our posture without any compromise for high quality.

Our company which has TS EN ISO 9001:2015, TS EN ISO 22000:2005 and GMP certificates, will maintain its quality policy with innovative products as always.

While we continue our actions, a partnership agreement was signed with Irish leading company Devenish Nutrition. According to the partnership agreement signed in July of 2017, Devenish entered Turkish feed additives market as a 50% partner to Yem-Vit. This partnership strengthens Yem-vit’s power on its current and the surrounding markets.

Founded in Northern Ireland's capital city, Belfast, in 1952, Devenish is one of the most important feed and feed additives manufacturers in the industry. Beside this, Devenish has investments in England, Ireland, North America and Africa. Devenish has made its first investment in Turkey with a partnership with Yem-Vit. The company is engaged in export to more than 40 countries and this includes ruminants, poultry, aqua and other types of nutrition, feed production, veterinary services and technical solutions to a wide range of customers.


Serve the highest quality products and technical solutions in Turkey and worldwide by follow the innovations and technological improvements continuously.


Produce products which provide high productivity, performance and profitability to clients in global standarts by R&D activities


Meeting demands without any problem in this competitive environment requires affordable, high quality, reliable and timely delivered products. For this purpose, our company by improving itself continuously; determines that meeting the requests of clients in high quality, affordable, reliable and timely delivered products as its basic quality policy.